Mar 2018

MDBC: 2 Day Fact Finding Trip to Johor

  • Trade Mission & Conference
  • 08:00 - 17:30 hrs
  • Johor


Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to familiarize yourself with the significant developments in the state of Johor, and get on – site, ‘live’ briefings and tours for a number of mega projects which are bringing significant economic progress to the southern region, such as RAPID – Pengerang Terminals, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Senai Airport City, and Medini Iskandar.

On Wednesday, 28 & Thursday, 29 March 2018, MDBC will bring you a unique, all inclusive and highly informative opportunity to get a complete update on developments in Johor.

The two day trip will include visits to, and briefings by:

Day 1 – Wednesday, 28 March:
Senai Airport & Senai Airport City
Port of Tanjung Pelapas (PTP)
Medini Iskandar and i2M
The Day 1 Program will conclude with the MDBC / MGCC Sundowner Networking Reception at Sunway Iskandar Sales Gallery in Medini.

Day 2 – Thursday, 29 March:
Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) & MIDA Johor
Pengerang Terminals and RAPID (Dialog / Vopak / Petronas / Johor Petroleum Development Corporation)

Bus transport, lunches on both days, and the cocktail reception are included in the arrangements.  Participants are responsible for booking their own flights with arrival at Senai Airport no later than 08:15 hrs on Wednesday, 28 March.  At the end of the program on Thursday, 29 March, we expect to be back at Senai Airport at 17:30 hrs, so flights can be booked from 18:30 hrs onward.  MDBC will look into a group hotel booking for 1 night (28 – 29 March).

Participation fee (excl flights and accommodation):
Day 1: RM 200
Day 2: RM 200
Day 1 & 2: RM 300
In case of space constraints, preference will be accorded to participants who are registered for the full program.  (Fees are excl GST)

Registration will be closed on Friday, 23 March 2018 (12 noon).  To register, please click here.  All registered guests will receive an initial acknowledgement of your registration and our re – confirmation latest by Monday, 26 March with venue details; Please contact us if you do not receive this acknowledgement or reconfirmation.  An invoice will be issued upon registration, by MDBC.  MDBC is a GST registered entity with the GST registration number: 000562868224.  In order to facilitate the issuance of a GST claimable invoice, please follow the instructions in the registration form (online or below) carefully.

For online registration, under “Optional Remarks”, kindly indicate which day(s) you will be participating as well as your interest in overnight accommodation.  MDBC will contact you to request additional information as necessary.  Please note that registration closes on Friday, 23 March (12 noon) and is required to confirm your attendance.  By registering online, you acknowledge the event guidelines.

Please note: Reservations are required, seats and refreshments are reserved for you so last minute cancellations and / or no shows will still be charged.  Please advise of any cancellations before / on Friday, 23 March 2018 (12 noon); replacements are welcome.