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The medical device industry is a very dynamic sector in terms of innovation. The health care market is being boosted by the aging of the population, ever-increasing medical needs, the increasing complexity of treatments, the resurgence of certain diseases and the development of emerging countries.

In 2017, imports into Malaysia of medical and surgical instruments and devices (codes SH9018 to 9022) amounted to approximately EUR 900 million.

Import bearing segments include electro-medical equipment, cardiac devices, implantable devices, orthopaedic devices, in vitro diagnostic tools, wound care products, and contract manufacturing of equipment and devices. medical devices.

Recognized for its potential for innovation in medical devices, its excellence in medicine and its high-level scientific research, European companies have industrial, scientific and medical know-how and academic know-how. of its territory an internationally important market.

Malaysia is the world's largest producer of medical gloves. It mainly exports surgical and examination gloves, medical instruments, catheters, syringes, needles and sutures, electromedical equipment, ophthalmic lenses, including contact lenses, dental instruments and appliances, medical and surgical devices X-ray and medical furniture.

Malaysians generally adopt the wellness and disease prevention approach rather than the treatment approach. Consumer medical devices are used to monitor one's own health to maintain optimal health. Pressure and blood glucose monitors are gaining popularity.

The dental market is also developing in recent years, particularly orthodontics. Implant and cosmetic procedures are increasingly being offered in private dental clinics.

Cosmetic surgery is also gaining ground in Malaysia.

The e-health strategy will enable the aggregation of different existing ICT systems. This will improve the management of health data and support research and development and commercialization initiatives.

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